Presented the serial version of the concept Nissan IDx Nismo

Presented the serial version of the concept Nissan IDx Nismo

May 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Presented in 2013, the concept of a sports car Nissan IDx Nismo was adopted, which is called “with a bang.” However, in the series, he never went. Modcar Trendz (EMT) tuning studio from India built a production version of the concept, taking the Honda Amaze as the basis.

Six years ago, Nissan conquered the Japanese car scene by presenting its IDx Nismo concept at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2013. It was built for the 80th anniversary of the brand. Everyone really liked the car, and automotive journalists praised Nissan for creating a car that is so simple, but so perfect. Even the famous Jay Leno spent some time behind the wheel of a sports concept and urged Nissan to make a production car out of it.

However, all these requests were not heard, because six years later not a single production vehicle based on the IDx concept was released.

Tuning company Modcar Trendz (EMT) from India, which was strongly inspired by the Japanese car IDx Nismo, decided to make a production version of the concept. The basis was taken Honda Amaze.

The Honda Amaze is a very small four-door sedan that is popular in Asian countries such as India. This car is in no way regarded as a sports car, and its unusual shape of the trunk makes it even less attractive.

Nevertheless, the guys from EMT made a decent copy of the original Nissan IDx Nismo. Using exterior modifications, such as a new set of headlights, longer doors (now a two-door coupe) and sleek side mirrors, the engineers somehow turned the original sedan into a more attractive car. Even the number 80 and other concept decals are copied.