Presented pickup with a range of 1000 km

Presented pickup with a range of 1000 km

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the United States, the boom for electric pickups continues: “less than half a year”, as the world is presented with the next model for this segment. This time we are talking about a new product called Nikola Badger.

The car is noticeably different in appearance, it will obviously be difficult to miss on the road, although the main feature of the new items is the technical component. But more on that below.

Pickup Nikola Badger really bright and unique appearance: the car looks “evil”, while it is with an eye on utilitarianism and sportiness at the same time. In front, the novelty is notable for a unique false radiator grille with an LED insert and a convex hood, and the profile of its side skirts is highlighted. Finally, the main design element behind is the characteristic door with a large Nikola logo.

Another interesting feature of the model is the two-tone body color. At the same time, the car is larger in size, say, than the Chevrolet Silverado: its dimensions are 5900 x 2160 x 1850 mm.

Inside, Nikola Badger is notable for a kind of steering wheel (with a sloping bottom), a large multimedia screen and a floating center console. The finish is presented in leather and metallic accents.

Nikola Badger will go on sale in two versions: purely electric and electro-hydrogen. In the first case, the car will receive a battery with a capacity of 160 kW / h, with which it can pass without recharging 480-490 km, and in the second, its maximum range is 966 km. Interestingly, the driver will be able to calmly switch power modes: from “electro” to “hydrogen” and vice versa. As for the power plant, its constant power is 461 hp. (peak – 919 forces), and the torque will be 1329 Nm. Acceleration to “hundreds” – about 3 seconds.

A pickup truck will be able to tow a cargo weighing up to 3,700 kg, in addition, it will include a 15-kilowatt socket with which the pickup can share energy, for example, with tools. As Nikola noted, Badger is able to operate as a generator on a construction site for 12 hours.

“It can be used for work, leisure on the weekend, towing, off-road or for hitting the ski slopes without losing productivity. No other electric pickup can work at such temperatures and conditions,” said Nikola Trevor Milton, the novelty and CEO.

So far, Nikola Badger has the status of a pre-production car, a fully finished version will be presented this fall. In addition, the company intends to engage in the construction of hydrogen stations: in particular, 700 such columns are planned to be opened in the USA.