Presented exclusive supercar McLaren Senna from the studio MSO

Presented exclusive supercar McLaren Senna from the studio MSO

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that the entire process of creating an exclusive version of the British supercar took 1000 hours of work. The car is equipped with almost all available options that are only in the automaker’s catalog.

McLaren Special Operations is the “court” tuning studio of the British brand, which makes exclusive cars to order. The published video shows the entire process of turning a regular instance of McLaren Senna into an exclusive supercar in every sense. All work required 1000 hours. You ask, what took so long? Well, firstly, the guys from MSO completely covered the body of the model with carbon fiber.

I must say that carbon is ideally combined with all the “contours and panels” of the car, creating a one-piece design that looks very stylish and expensive.

Alignment of body parts relative to each other takes most of the time, and even elements of different colors ultimately look harmonious. In addition, 250 hours were spent only on the paintwork – the combination of green and yellow colors looks amazing. All these highlights also correspond to the interior of the car, with the corresponding seats in green carbon fiber and the yellow signature of the rider Ayrton Senna, in whose honor this model was created. Hell, even a door tag doesn’t look cheap at all.

Well what can I say, the owner of this car was very lucky – he will receive not only a very fast car, but also an exclusive supercar, which certainly no one else has. It’s probably great to sit in a luxurious chair and choose what expensive material to make a seat in your car from, what paint of several thousand pounds to use and not think about the final price of the car!