Presented car home for real adventure

Presented car home for real adventure

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company Storyteller Overland, the manufacturer of RV class automobile houses and equipment for outdoor activities of class B, officially unveiled a new series of adventure vans Mode 4×4.

The engineers of the Storyteller Overland brand, who describe their new Mode 4×4 caravans as the “ideal vehicle for traveling,” decided to make a real revolution in the segment of motorhomes.

“After analyzing the market, we have incorporated into our models the best features and systems aimed at improving the lives of drivers. The vans have everything you need to comfortably cover long distances. “

Whatever it means, Mode 4×4 vans can really offer a lot of new things to buyers of motor homes.

 Probably the most revolutionary feature of the new Mode 4×4 is the 9 kW power system LiveFree OTG, which was developed jointly with the guys from Volta Power Systems. This is a lithium-ion battery, which provides all the necessary devices with stable energy, it does not work from the network, so there is no need to use an onboard generator. At night, it can work with low-profile air conditioning without the need to turn on the power supply of the car.

  Another chip is the Halo retractable shower, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. I note the multipurpose bench Dreamweaver, which can be a folding bench and a bed.

 Mode 4×4 series vans come with a 12-month warranty or 32,186 km mileage, which can be extended depending on the dealer.

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