Presented a render of the sports station wagon Nissan Z Proto Shooting Brake

Presented a render of the sports station wagon Nissan Z Proto Shooting Brake

October 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A render of the latest sports car Nissan Z Proto in the station wagon has appeared on the Internet. The virtual novelty is called the Nissan Z Proto Shooting Brake. So far, there have been no official statements about plans for the production of such an execution of the model.

Earlier this week, designer Rain Prisk unveiled his vision of what the recently unveiled Nissan Z Proto sports car, which can be driven on safari, could be (photo below).

This time, the same artist presented a new representative of the iconic sports family Nissan Z in the performance of a station wagon – the new product received the designation Proto Shooting Brake. At first glance, the car looks good, and that’s mainly because we’re only looking at the rear, which lacks the rather controversial rectangular grille.

We have to admit that this version of the car looks pretty good – higher ground clearance and a long roof add charm to this already pretty car.

Anyway, since this is a fan rendering, we are unlikely to see a production version of the Nissan Z Proto Shooting Brake station wagon on the road, but again, this is not impossible at all. Not so long ago, the tuning studio showed the Rolls-Royce station wagon, which was based on the luxurious British Wraith coupe. So it’s only a matter of time before something similar to our today’s render can appear on sale.

Rein Priscus has not yet finished his Nissan Z Proto project. According to his Facebook post, we can expect him to perform the novelty in a wide-body version.