Presented a render of a revived Ford Bronco SUV

Presented a render of a revived Ford Bronco SUV

December 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the idea of ​​the guys from Ford, next year there will be an official presentation of the all-electric crossover, which will be named Ford Mach E. Well, the show of the revived mid-size Bronco SUV can be expected in 2020.

As part of their recent interview, Ford officials told some details about a couple of their new products. It turns out that neither the new crossover, created after the sports coupe Mustang, nor the long-awaited continuation of the off-road legend of the last century – the Ford Bronco SUV, will hardly be sold in countries where left-hand traffic is organized.

 We are talking about those countries where cars have a steering wheel on the right side – Australia, India, Japan.

“At present, the leadership of the American Ford brand has no plans to create a right-hand drive version of the Bronco SUV,” commented on the issue of journalists Kay Hart, head of the Australian representative office of Ford.

  In fact, there is one fairly compelling reason why the automaker does not plan to sell a completely new generation of Bronco in particular in Australia. This reason is the large sales of the Ford Ranger compact pickup. Mr. Hart separately noted that the company’s management “is extremely satisfied with the current success of Ranger, even though in 2018 Ranger’s sales decreased by 1.3% in Australia (38,779 copies sold).”

  Apparently, Ford will offer a revived Bronco only in some countries. Officially, this car will be presented in 2020, and its power will exceed 325 horsepower.