Presentations of new cars: Scuderia Toro Rosso SRT14

Presentations of new cars: Scuderia Toro Rosso SRT14

February 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the Scuderia Toro Rosso traditionally presented a new car on the eve of the winter tests or on the first day, but in 2019, fans could see the STR14 a week before the tests. In Toro Rosso did not begin to hold official events, limiting the publication of a press release and studio photos STR14.

In 2018 Toro Rosso sacrificed the results for the sake of preparing Honda for the delivery of engines for the “older” team, and now they hope to use the result – the machines of the two Red Bull teams will have the same engines, and Toro Rosso will receive from Red Bull Technology many of the nodes developed for last year’s Red Bull Racing cars.

Franz Tost, team leader: “The goal is always to act at the highest possible level, in the winter we worked very seriously on this and made some changes that should close several problems that hindered us in the past.

We analyzed internal procedures, tried to strengthen our strengths and minimize weak ones. Toro Rosso has fewer employees than many other teams, but working together with Red Bull Technology, and even closer interaction with them after the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing transition to Honda engines, allowed our technical specialists to pay more attention to details. And this sometimes seriously affects the efficiency of the machine.

The components of the power plant of our two teams will be the same specifications, and most of the other details we get from Red Bull Technology in last year’s version. We have a strong technical department, and the high reliability of last year’s solutions Red Bull Technology allows us to count on faster progress during the season. “

In the summer of 2018, the team lost its technical director – James Ki decided to go to McLaren and was removed from work, but did not appoint a new manager for this post, which further emphasized the increased dependence on Red Bull Technology. On the peculiarities of new items told Deputy Technical Director …

Jodie Egginton: “In working on this project, we interacted more closely with Red Bull Technology, the variables became less, which allowed us to pay more attention to other aspects of improving the efficiency of the machine. In our case, we are talking about the opportunity to work on the chassis structure, the layout of the air ducts of the brakes and the front suspension, as well as integration with the chassis of the cooling systems of the power plant and its fuel system. All this potentially affects the process of further development of aerodynamics.

As for the chassis itself, in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, the team independently developed the front suspension, dealt with all aspects of the cooling system, integration of the power plant and the chassis, and also designed the steering column. All intellectual property here belongs to Toro Rosso.

For the back of the car in charge of Red Bull Technology. The main changes for us are that now we get the gearbox housing and the rear suspension, although many of the parts that are inside the gearbox are similar to those we used earlier. “

Honda’s Formula 1 technical director, Toyoharu Tanabe, is optimistic about the start of the season.

Toyoharu Tanabe: “There is no specific date for the start of work on the power plant in 2019. The regulations in this area have not changed, except that now you can spend 5 kg more fuel during the race, so the work was a natural continuation of last year.

There were no races in the winter, so at the bases in Japan and Milton Keynes we were able to concentrate on preparing for the new season and on the delivery of engines for Red Bull Racing. Close interaction with Red Bull Technology has allowed us to achieve more in different areas. We tried to add in everything, paying particular attention to the internal combustion engine, ERS and optimal use of energy.

The teams will get the same engines and equal support, equal resources from our side. I think the difficulties will not arise, because both teams are members of the same family, so we will interact with Red Bull Technology. The main goal is to achieve better results with both teams than in 2018, but now we don’t know what will be the alignment of forces. As in other sports competitions, our results depend on what the competitors have achieved. “

In 2019, in the Toro Rosso completely changed the composition of the pilots. The Russian Daniil Kvyat returned to the team, and his partner will be one of the three debutants of the upcoming season, Alexander Elbon and Thailand.

Alexander Elbon: “There is a long learning process ahead. Before the Australian Grand Prix, I will work on tests for only four days – there is not much time on the track. It is important to feel comfortable behind the wheel and gain speed as quickly as possible. We’ll see. If we talk about my personal training, I will try not to subject myself to excessive pressure, but I have been working hard from the very first day. This season is my chance to show everyone what I can do.

I try to work as much as possible on the simulator and spend time with the team in order to quickly understand the behavior of the car – this will help me in Melbourne. It is very important for me to represent Thailand. In Formula 1, there have been no drivers from our country for a long time, I hope they will be proud of me at home. “
Specifications of Scuderia Toro Rosso STR14

Powerplant: Honda RA619H

Chassis: monocoque of composite materials developed by Scuderia Toro Rosso

Front suspension: wishbones made of composite materials, interacting with the pushers, torsion springs and shock absorbers. Scuderia Toro Rosso / Red Bull Technology Development

Rear suspension: wishbones made of composite materials, interacting with rods, torsion springs and shock absorbers. Red Bull Technology Development

Steering: power assisted, development Scuderia Toro Rosso / Red Bull Technology

Transmission: 8-speed, sequential, hydraulically controlled, longitudinally positioned, in a composite case. Red Bull Technology Development

Differential: multidisc, with hydraulic control

Coupling: multidisk, with hydraulic management

Exhaust system: Honda

Brake system: development of Scuderia Toro Rosso / Red Bull Technology

Racer seat: made of composite materials, individually tailored to the specific driver

Tires: Pirelli

Fuel system: developed by Scuderia Toro Rosso / Red Bull Technology