Presentations of new cars: Haas VF-20

Presentations of new cars: Haas VF-20

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Like last year, the presentation of the new car in Haas F1 was divided into two parts. On February 6, the team showed the coloring of the car by publishing photos on their website, and on February 19 – on the morning of the first day of winter tests – presented the car itself. Kevin Magnussen and Roman Grosjean pulled off a protective cover in front of photographers and journalists.

Gene Haas, founder and president of Haas F1 Team: “I am glad that the machine has returned to the usual colors of Haas Automation. I hope that with the VF-20 the team will return to the form we had in 2018, when we finished the season in 5th place in the Design Cup.

The season of 2019 was not easy. There was a process of real study through which at a certain stage all the teams of Formula 1 go through. I believe that we have learned the necessary lessons and applied our knowledge, developing the VF-20 to make the car more competitive. It is important for me that we can return to the fight and earn points steadily, we are certainly capable of it. ”

Gunther Steiner, team leader: “It is interesting to follow the creation and refinement of the new Formula 1 car, and the VF-20 should certainly give us what we did not get from the previous car. Since the regulations did not change this year, we were able to better understand the machine and analyze our work in order to find solutions and use them in creating the VF-20.

Last year, we took a step back – I would not want this, but such situations become a lesson. We all made conclusions. Everyone in the team had to evaluate their work and find out what can be done better.

I look forward to the debut of the VF-20 on the track. I want to do a lot on the tests, in preparation for the first race of the new season in Australia, we hope to drive a long distance and show good reliability and speed. “

The composition of the team has not changed. Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will continue to play for the team …

Roman Grosjean: “We work a little differently on pre-season tests. The main thing is to drive more circles, fully understand the features of the car. On the tests, we pilot a little differently, since much needs to be checked.

Usually we quickly figure out how good or bad a car is. Last year, the tests went well, which cannot be said about the season, but we learned a lot. ”

Kevin Magnussen: “You need to be calm about the tests, regardless of your expectations, concerns and anxieties. I try to approach this professionally and help the team as much as possible. Always a little worried, hope that the car turned out good. But in the work you just need to help the team fix all the errors and possible flaws.

For the last two years, the team has always given us such a machine, which in the pre-season tests seemed very good and fast. In 2018, it turned out to be competitive during the season, and we took fifth place in the Cup of designers. Last year we could not achieve this, the car had some shortcomings that led to serious problems during the season, but I’m sure this year the team will again provide us with a good car. I hope we have drawn conclusions from last year’s mistakes, so a successful season awaits us. ”