Presentations of new cars: Ferrari SF90

Presentations of new cars: Ferrari SF90

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

February 15 at Ferrari presented a new car, with which the team expects to compete for the title in the 2019 season. As expected, the new product was named SF90 – in honor of the 90th anniversary of the company founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929.

SF90 (internal index – 670) is the 65th machine built by Ferrari for performances in Formula 1. The car meets the requirements of the regulations for the season of 2019, the most noticeable differences from last year’s SF71H – a different form and configuration of the front and rear slips.

The car is made in the traditional range, but there is almost no white in the coloring because of the appearance of a new title partner – Mission Winnow brand, owned by Philip Morris International – despite all the limitations, the historical cooperation with tobacco workers continues.

Mission Winnow has a lot of logos on the machine – they are visible from any point, this name is also present in the name of the team included in the application list as Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow.

The goals and objectives for the season at Scuderia do not change for many years – the team has set itself the highest goals – the title in the individual competition and the victory in the Cup of designers.

Luis Camilleri, executive director of the company, opened the solemn ceremony in Maranello, thanking Kimi Raikkonen, former team leader Maurizio Arrivabene, who joined Alfa Romeo for the work.

Luis Camilleri: “This year is important for us, because we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the company. This is a serious milestone, and we continue to be inspired and guided by the vision of the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. We all understand what responsibility the glorious history of the team imposes on us, we must meet the expectations of the whole country and millions of fans around the world. We gladly accept this responsibility. We are confident in the talent and abilities of those who apply so much force that we reach the goal. At the same time, we respect our rivals.

Last season was the best for us in the last 10 years, but we could not reach the goal. It is always difficult to come to terms with such a failure, but I can assure everyone that we are looking to the future by tuning in to work and achieve the goal. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank and acknowledge the merits of two people who left our team at the end of last year. This is Kimi Raikkonen and Maurizio Arrivabene. They will forever remain part of the family of Ferrari.

We are starting a new and interesting chapter in the history of the team, which is now headed by Mattia Binotto. Mattia works in Ferrari for about a quarter of a century, his career growth during this period testifies to exceptional abilities and leadership qualities. He knows Scuderia inside and out. This is a real team player, decisive and talented, respected at all levels. I am sure that he will lead the team to an even greater height.

In 2018, the team achieved the best result since the last victory in the championship. The goal for the 2019th is very clear – to win the title. The new machine embodies the most modern technology, built according to the regulations for the current season and was the result of the hard work of talented employees “.

After the dismissal of Maurizio Arrivabene Mattia Binotto, combines the posts of team leader and technical director.

Mattia Binotto: “Today is a very special and very exciting day. I am proud of our team, which never ceases to dream and strive for more. We are waiting for the start of the new season – it will be long, so there is no point in thinking about how events can develop – you need to get to work and do what we need. We will try to do everything in our power.

In 2018, we were successful, the new car was the result of the modernization of last year – this is not a revolution. Some changes in the car, such as the front wing, are associated with the new technical regulations, but we tried to raise the bar even higher, using the most daring solutions.

Look at the back of the SF90 – it is very slim and compact. Most of the work we have done is not visible, because it is hidden inside the car – for example, how the power plant is integrated into the chassis. Engineers have made great efforts, and the car that you see was the result of the hard work of the whole team. We like what we did.

In addition, we have the best pair of pilots in Formula 1. As the head of the team, I can not dream of more. Tests will begin next week, a month is left before the first stage of the season. It seems that a lot of time, but it is not. Ahead of a week of hard work, but we are determined and look forward to the start of the season. “

In the season of 2019, 21-year-old Monegasque Charles Leclaire, who debuted in Formula 1 as part of Sauber, became Sebastian Vettel’s partner. Charles from the first attempt became the champion of GP3 and Formula 2, many believe that to confirm the status of the “first pilot” with such a partner Vettel will not be easy, but the presentation of the question of the future opposition was not raised.

Sebastian Vettel: “Some details of this machine could be seen last year, but today we see the whole new product. Unfortunately, today I am not wearing a racing overalls, so I can not immediately get behind the wheel and go to the track. In any case, I am very happy and can’t wait to first test it in action. I think Charles is just as impatient.

Mattia Binotto has been part of the team for many years, more than any of us. Probably only Pierre Ferrari remembers how he came to work in Scuderia. Mattia and I have worked together for the last five years, now our relations will develop in a slightly different way, and I am waiting for this.

As for Charles, he is engaged in racing all his life. For him, the transition to Ferrari is a big step forward, and he is very happy about it. I look forward to the start of the new season and I think that the team has everything to succeed. I hope we will continue to progress. “

Charles Leclaire: “I am glad of a new adventure, I have dreamed of this since childhood. I always cheered for Ferrari in the hope of one day to get behind the wheel of a red car. Today is a very emotional day for me. For several years I was a student of Ferrari Racing Academy – this experience helped me make progress. I had a goal someday to join this team, and here I am.

I’m not worried about the fact that he became a partner of Sebastian Vettel – rather, for me this is a chance. He is a world champion, I can learn a lot from him. I am sure we are waiting for a terrific season. The key point is to work together. I have no doubt that we will succeed. ”

Specifications Ferrari SF90

Chassis: carbon fiber and composite honeycomb structures with Halo system

Transmission: Ferrari’s longitudinal gearbox, semi-automatic, sequential, electronically controlled and with minimal gearshift time, 8 forward and one reverse gear. Limited slip differential with hydraulic control

Brakes: Brembo, with ventilated carbon fiber discs (front and rear) and electronically controlled rear brakes brake-by-wire

Suspension: front suspension, based on the use of pushers, rear – on the use of rods.

Weight: 743 kg (with coolant, lubricants and racer)

Wheels: OZ (front and rear) with a diameter of 13 inches

Working volume: 1600 cub. cm

Maximum crankshaft speed: 15,000 rpm

Turbocharger: single stage turbine

Fuel consumption: maximum 100 kg / hour

Fuel consumption per race: 110 kg

Engine configuration: V6, the angle of the collapse of the cylinders 90 degrees

Number of cylinders: 6. Cylinder bore: 80 mm. Stroke: 53 mm

Number of valves: four per cylinder

Injection: direct injection systems, pressure 500 bar
ERS system

Battery energy: 4 MJ (on one lap)

Power of motor-generator MGU-K: 120 kW

Maximum number of revolutions MGU-K: 50,000 rpm

Maximum speed of motor-generator MGU-H: 125000 r / min