Presentation of Toyota GR 86 coupe for Japan and Europe took place

Presentation of Toyota GR 86 coupe for Japan and Europe took place

April 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The “pre-reform” model Toyota GT 86 was successfully sold for nine years, having sold over 200,000 cars. Now the coupe has changed its name, but has not lost its loyal fans.

The 2nd generation coupe has changed its name to Toyota GR 86. This is the third model in the family of “charged” cars from the sports division Gazoo Racing: the novelty joined the GR Supra coupe and the “hot” GR Yaris hatchback.

With the change of generation, the car is still considered a variant of the Subaru BRZ coupe, which debuted last fall. But the radiator grille, front bumper and emblems of the novelty are original.

These two coupes have very different key markets: the Subaru BRZ is aimed at the brand’s North American customers, and the Toyota GR 86 will go to conquer Europe. Both BRZ and GR 86 will be available on the domestic market.

After the upgrade, the rear-wheel drive coupe became 3 cm longer and one centimeter lower. The body of the car has become stiffer, and digital devices have taken the place of analog devices.

Toyota GR 86 in Japan and Europe will be equipped with different media systems. The Japanese will receive a large touchscreen and touch buttons.

The old two-liter engine was replaced with a 2.4-liter “aspirated”. In the home market, its capacity will be 235 horsepower. Paired with it can work with 6-speed manual transmission or a classic automatic gearbox. The base coupe will accelerate to a hundred kilometers in 6.3 seconds, which is faster than the previous generation model – 7.4 seconds. The market debut of the second generation GR 86 is not scheduled for autumn, and at once both at home and in Europe. The novelty will not reach Russia.