Presentation of the new Maserati MC20 supercar postponed due to coronovirus

Presentation of the new Maserati MC20 supercar postponed due to coronovirus

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian brand decided to postpone the debut of its new supercar Maserati MC20 until September. This was originally supposed to happen in May in the Italian city of Modena.

Maserati has a new model called the MC20. You probably knew this, since we have been talking about this for the past few months. The Italian brand also published teaser images of its sports novelty.

For the company, this is not just another novelty, but the beginning of a certain transformation of the entire Maserati range as a whole. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for this, as the debut of the new Maserati model planned for May was postponed to September.

Maserati’s original plan, dubbed The Way Forward, called for the MC20 to debut at this ceremony (in May).

 A specific date for the event was not announced, but was planned to be held at the Maserati headquarters in Modena, Italy. The postponed event will continue to be held in Modena, since Maserati sees the presentation not just as a new car show, but as the beginning of a new era for the company and the city, which she calls her home.

 The MC20 is a car worth the wait. Maserati considers it to be the spiritual successor of the MC12, but while the latter was built on the basis of the Ferrari Enzo, the new machine is fully designed and developed by Maserati. We are talking in particular about the new V6 engine, developed by Maserati engineers. According to rumors, the new Maserati model can also be offered with a hybrid powertrain.