Presentation of “charged” pickup Ford Ranger Raptor V8 postponed

Presentation of “charged” pickup Ford Ranger Raptor V8 postponed

May 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to some publications, the leadership of the American brand has so far decided to stop further development of the high-performance pickup truck Ford Ranger Raptor with a V8 engine.

If you’re a fan of pickups, you’ve probably heard of the mid-size American truck Ford Ranger in the high-performance version of Raptor. It is noteworthy that Ford made it clear that the chances of the appearance of this new product in the United States at the moment are practically zero.

 The Ranger Raptor has always been equipped with a four-cylinder bi-turbo diesel engine, and when we heard that a version of the V8 engine truck was reportedly under development, we looked forward to seeing what kind of performance it could bring to the truck.

 According to reports from foreign publications quoted by undisclosed sources in the American company itself, all work on the creation of a high-performance truck with a V8 engine is currently suspended.

Relying on Ford’s massive losses due to a recent coronavirus distribution problem, developing a more powerful Ranger Raptor is simply not on the agenda for Ford management.

The Premcar studio, which has close relations with Ford and had its own experience in the design and manufacture of engines, should have participated in the creation of such a car. Premcar has extensive experience in creating very fast versions of production models of the American brand.

 It was previously planned that the Ranger Raptor will be delivered to the Ford plant in Campbellfield (Australia), where their diesel engines will be replaced with the same 5.0-liter V8 gasoline that the Mustang sports coupe is equipped with. But then again, there have been no official comments from Ford itself at the moment.