Premium brand Hongqi collects pre-orders for its luxury crossover

Premium brand Hongqi collects pre-orders for its luxury crossover

May 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A subsidiary brand FAW has launched a new luxury crossover Hongqi HS5. Debut models organized in mid-April at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Back in January last year, the brand FAW Hongqi presented a new development strategy, announcing the imminent release of four automobile series at once: L, S, H and Q. The mid-sized crossover Hongqi HS5, which will be on the same level with luxury SUVs, became a pioneer in this area. The novelty is designed primarily for young people. It is she who will take the place of the flagship in the model range of the premium brand.

In order for the new crossover to be favorably received by the audience, the manufacturer equipped it with modern technologies, providing a rich list of available options. In addition to a huge set of modern equipment, this cross gets high-quality finishing materials. Thus, in the decoration of armchairs and door karts, premium-quality leather with diamond-shaped stitching was used.

In the passenger compartment of the car, it will be difficult for the buyer to find the traditional physical buttons – a fully digital dashboard goes to the touchscreen multimedia with a rear-view camera, navigation, and the Car Life system.

The two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a return of 224 hp drives the novelty. Also, such a crossover system put all-wheel drive and “automatic” as a transmission. Cost Hongqi HS5 varies from 200 to 270 thousand yuan