Premiere of the film with Charles Leclair

Premiere of the film with Charles Leclair

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As promised, on Saturday night the premiere of the film Le Grand Rendez-Vous, shot by the famous French director Claude Lelouch on the streets of Monte Carlo, took place on the very day that the Monaco Grand Prix should have passed, unfortunately, canceled circumstances.

But if in his original work “Date” dated 1976, there is genuine drive, intrigue, and what happens in the frame throughout the entire screen time keeps the viewer in a state of utmost tension, then in “Date-2” there is nothing of this .

In fact, it’s something like a long commercial representing the SF90 Stradale, the latest Ferrari model, and there are also beautiful shots made in about the same recognizable style of Lelouch, Charles Lecler in a disposable medical mask, and Monaco’s views in some kind degrees replace urban filming in Paris. There is even Prince Albert II and his retinue, and also in masks.

But alas, there is no bright element of hooliganism and romance that distinguished the director’s old short film, because it became a cult one precisely because every shot there tickles the viewer’s nerves.

This work of Lelouch will definitely not receive a prize in Cannes or an Oscar – in contrast to his legendary painting “Man and Woman” of 1966, which also has a theme of motorsport. However, Le Grand Rendez-Vous, i.e. A “big date” is well worth a look, especially if you’re a fan of Ferrari and Charles Leclair. The main thing is not to tune in to the fact that you have a meeting with a masterpiece so that there is no effect of deceived expectation.

However, one question still remained unanswered: where did Charles take flower girl Rebecca to? ..