Powerful pickup Ford F-150 Raptor got a futuristic appearance

Powerful pickup Ford F-150 Raptor got a futuristic appearance

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent designer decided to imagine how a brand new version of the high-performance Ford F-150 Raptor truck might look like.

Ford F-150 Raptor is a fantastic car, because it is fast, has excellent off-road capabilities and looks great. And for two generations, it was the perfect truck for carmaker fans craving for something tougher than the traditional F-150. Very soon, a completely new generation of the usual F-150 will be presented, and, accordingly, we will be shown a more productive version of the model called Raptor.

 With this in mind, an independent artist decided to imagine what a “charged” Ford Raptor 2021 model year might look like. I must say that his version of the pickup truck looks pretty futuristic. Key features, such as the inscription “FORD” on the radiator grille, iconic 12-spoke wheels, off-road tires and a modified rear graphics make the new product related to its current version. But there are a number of new elements.

 The headlights have a unique boomerang shape, the grill has several “sharp” edges, and the front pillar “passes” into the square cab. There are also a few thick black body linings that extend downward behind the C-pillar, as well as wider wings – front and rear, which neatly connect with the new large side sills.

 The back of this Ford Raptor concept is especially interesting. Although the cargo platform looks short, it has two unusual cutouts – in this case, for motorcycles. There are also many plastic pads to protect the platform, as well as an additional trim for the rear door and bumper, thanks to which the already sturdy Raptor has become even more aggressive.