Power reserve on a single charge – the most important criterion when choosing an electric car

Power reserve on a single charge – the most important criterion when choosing an electric car

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While many people do not always need a large power reserve on which his electric car can drive on a fully charged battery, it is imperative that this indicator constantly increases.

To say that the power reserve is not important for electric vehicles is to say stupidity. However, in the past, fans of this type of transport “shouted at every corner” that most people do not have to travel distances of 482 or 643 kilometers without fail. Thus, many people can safely choose electric cars with small batteries that can provide the car with enough energy to drive from home to work and back. This is especially true if their electric car is the second or third car in the family.

 Based on the foregoing, the keyword here is “majority”. Who wants a car that will carry them for short distances, but it may be completely unsuitable when you need to travel a lot for your business – for example, to go to another city?

People should not sacrifice their convenience when switching from a car running on gasoline or diesel fuel to an electric car. If they still have to feel uncomfortable, then they will probably refuse to buy a car with an electric motor.

A reputable automobile expert shared his opinion on this matter. He said why he believed that the power reserve is still a fundamental criterion when considering buying an electric car. I will give only one of his research. Recently, in social networks, he published a post in which he asked if the power reserve is important for electric cars or not, and 54% of all voters said that yes, this is perhaps the most important indicator for them in an electric car.

 At some point in the future, when the range of electric vehicles will be at the same level as gasoline and diesel cars, and charging stations will also be distributed geographically, like gas stations, the range for electric cars will go on a secondary plan. But this time is still quite far.