Power Ford Focus RS increased to 520 horsepower

Power Ford Focus RS increased to 520 horsepower

October 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mountune tuners released tuning kits for the Ford Focus RS, the most powerful of which makes the car a 520-horsepower hot hatch.

For the Focus model, we prepared 2 packages with different returns. The first set, under the designation m450, increases productivity up to 450 hp. The increase is due to the fact that the conventional turbine is replaced by a BorgWarner unit modified by tuners.

In addition, the set includes hoses and clamps made of stainless steel, a turbocharged adapter and other elements. It is worth noting that to install such a package, it is necessary that the model had m400R or m400X pillars in advance, which increase engine performance by 2.3 liters to 400 hp.

 The second kit under the m52 index makes the Focus RS, which initially has a return of 350 hp, a 520-horsepower hatch. In terms of power, this version is even ahead of the 2-liter Mercedes-AMG A45. In the modification with the designation S, the motor of the model develops a record for 4-cylinder installations of 421 hp

 The cost of the “younger” tuning kit is 2,950 pounds, and more productive – 5,974 pounds