Porsche’s boss promised more mileage on hybrids

Porsche’s boss promised more mileage on hybrids

March 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The modern battery of Porsche plug-ins on the example of Cayenne: a 138 kg unit with liquid cooling and heating consists of eight modules of 13 Samsung-brand lithium-ion prismatic cells each.

Porsche, like the entire Volkswagen group, was firmly engaged in the electrification of models, and the most public attention was paid to electric cars. The company plans to launch the serial Taycan (the premiere is scheduled for September) and its upbeat brother Taycan Cross Turismo (2020), and later the all-new Macan new generation (2021). However, the other day, the head of Porsche Oliver Blum told something interesting about the more modest fellow electric cars – plug-in type hybrids (with mains charging).

The battery in the tail allows Cayenne to move for a long time on electricity. Progress: in the Cayenne E-Hybrid, the battery holds 14.1 kWh, the predecessor, the Cayenne S E-Hybrid, was 10.8, and their ancestor, the Cayenne S Hybrid, was not even charged from the mains and could go for a kilometer two. It used a nickel-metal hydride battery with a capacity of 1.7 kW • h.

It turned out that in 2020 the company will begin the gradual introduction of a new traction battery for plug-ins in its lineup (it doesn’t say from which model the modernization starts). More advanced cells allowed to increase its capacity from 37 to 47 Ah. We know that 37 Ah in charged Porsche hybrids are “converted” into an amount of energy equal to 14.1 kWh. The operating voltage of such a unit is 381-382 V. If it is saved, the capacity of the new unit is 17.9 kW • h. In all cases we are talking about nominal capacity, while the stock used for movement is always smaller (for the sake of extending the battery life, the electronics do not allow it to be emptied to the end).

Consumer, however, it is more interesting to understand how this will affect the range of the course without starting the engine. As an example, the Cayenne E-Hybrid SUV with a 14.1 kW • h battery (of which 11 kW • h is practically used) is an example. For him, the cruising range on one electric coil is indicated as 23-44 km, depending on the driving style and road conditions, or at most 42-44 km (this difference is due to the choice of tire model). If we put a block on the crossover on 17.9 kW • h with proportional growth of the used capacity, we get the maximum 55-56 km.

Meanwhile, a pure electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is systematically moving from concept to series. This image shows a disguised prototype, with overlays distorting the rear of the roof and the rear pillar, as well as with fake tailpipes.

By the way, the Panamera, which is recharged from the outlet, uses the same battery as the Cayenne, only in a slightly different package. So the prospect of growth of the power reserve shines to her. And about Panamera should say a couple of words. The company said that the public has shown tremendous attention to Taycan. More than 20,000 people have registered as interested, it can not be equated to the number of orders, but still. Because of this, the company is revising production plans upwards. There is a fear that some of the customers will have to thoroughly wait for their electric car. Oliver Blum said: if the wait is delayed, the company will think about the temporary provision of such Panamera hybrid customers.