Porsche will not use self-aligning caps on wheels

Porsche will not use self-aligning caps on wheels

October 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There is a specific position in which the Porsche logo on wheels should always be. Everyone knows that Porsche is extremely detailed.

However, the automaker is so obsessed with everything that even it has its own official policy on how to correctly position the brand logo in the center caps of each wheel on each of its cars.

At a recent Porsche event, one of the photographers wanted a bit of symmetry for a successful shot and manually turned the center cap on the wheel to take it upright. But the representative of the German brand immediately approached and returned the cap to its original position and gave an explanation of his action.

It turned out that the German brand practices its own rather unusual method of aligning the logo on the wheels of all cars, starting with a presentation model at a corporate event, up to models leaving each dealership and official service center. Correctly – align the base of the emblem with the locking protrusion of the wheel, which also must be aligned with the valve stem (for inflation of tires).

The reason for this is not clear, but after studying a large collection of Porsche photos, you can make sure that the center caps are actually exposed as described from 911 to Cayenne.