Porsche will not abandon the steering wheel and pedals, and BMW – from the internal combustion engines

Porsche will not abandon the steering wheel and pedals, and BMW – from the internal combustion engines

October 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of several companies at once spoke about the future, in which, according to many, there will be a place only for autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles.

The head of the Australian division of Porsche Klaus Zemler said that, despite the development of technology, the brand’s cars will always have a steering wheel, pedals and a manual transmission. True, the latter as an option.

“Our goal is to always have a steering wheel, pedals and, probably, a manual gearbox so that the driver independently controls the car, our customers want it,” – Zemler told Motor Authority in an interview. “But buyers are also monitoring advanced technologies, and our cars will also receive autonomous driving systems.”

Thus, Porsche models can achieve the third or fourth levels of autonomy, but will never correspond to the fifth, which provides for the full automation of the process of driving a vehicle.

And in BMW they say that at least until 2030 they do not intend to abandon internal combustion engines. And they will have about 85% of all models produced by a Bavarian company. This was stated by the head of the BMW development department Klaus Frolich.

“According to a very optimistic scenario, our portfolio will include 30% of electric vehicles and hybrids and 70% of models with internal combustion engines,” Frolih said in an interview with GoAuto. “Of the 30%, half will be plug-in hybrids, so that cars with ICE will eventually have 85% of all cars produced.”

But the leadership of Jaguar Land Rover has a different strategy. According to British media, in 10 years, all Jaguar models will be completely electric. The Jaguar i-Pace crossover will be followed by a flagship electric car that will replace the Jaguar XJ, and then, after 2023, the successors of the XE and XF models will become electric. In 2025, new generations of E-Pace and F-Pace crossovers will appear, which will also become fully electric, and by 2026 the only model with an internal combustion engine will remain in the British brand: the J-Pace crossover.