Porsche will have to buy their own diesel Cayenne

Porsche will have to buy their own diesel Cayenne

November 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A German court ordered Porsche to buy out its own Cayenne crossovers equipped with diesel engines. The company must return the funds for the purchase of the crossover and pay compensation.

Porsche Cayenne 2014 will return to the manufacturer. The company is obliged to buy diesel cars from its customers, while returning to them the fair value of their cars, as well as to pay cash compensation. This was announced by the District Court of Stuttgart after the announcement of the court decision, the company was found guilty of receiving illegal profits in connection with the violation of environmental standards.

The court’s decision states that the company’s management acted unfairly towards its clients, who paid for the car inappropriate environmental standards. Also, actions were unfair to competitors, who had to bring their models in line with new standards.

Now for each Porsche Cayenne diesel engine crossover, the company will pay 60,000 euros. In addition, owners will be paid compensation in the amount of 5% of the cost for each year of ownership of the vehicle. Of course, legal fees will also be covered by the automaker.

In turn, Porsche considered such a decision “legally unfounded.” The company believes that the problem can be solved by updating the firmware.