Porsche Taycan’s ultra-fast charging performance is pretty low

Porsche Taycan’s ultra-fast charging performance is pretty low

December 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that the promised charging speed of the Taycan electric sedan is very high, it has a rather low efficiency. The amount of energy that enters the battery of an electric car per minute is clearly less than that of most cars of the same Tesla.

Despite the recent news that the Porsche Taycan will offer a much shorter range on a single charge than advertised by the manufacturer itself, one of the main advantages of the electric sedan is its ultra-fast charge. Porsche claims the Taycan sedan can be charged from a 350 kW station. For comparison, another electric car – Tesla Model 3 in the Long Range version can now be charged at 250 kW. However, this would be possible only on a special V3 Supercharger adapter.

According to changes in the range according to the EPA standard, which is adopted in the United States, the energy consumption of the Taycan 2020 model sedan in the Turbo version is 3.41 kW per 100 km.

 Meanwhile, the Model 3 2020 sedan of the model year in the Standard Range Plus version is the most efficient electric vehicle available, with a consumption of only 1.67 kW.

Thanks to recent software updates, the Tesla Model S electric sedan and Model X crossover can be charged at 200 kW stations, and Model 3 Standard Range Plus at 170 kW charging. Taycan currently has a charging speed of 250 kW, although Porsche promises to update software that will ultimately increase that figure to 350 kW. According to independent studies, when charging at a station of 250 kW, Taycan will receive in 10 minutes a sufficient amount of energy to overcome about 136 km of track, and at maximum speed. After upgrading to 350 kW, this number will be about 191.51 km.