Porsche Taycan now charges much faster

Porsche Taycan now charges much faster

November 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche has managed to significantly reduce battery recharging time for its first production Taycan electric car, which will soon debut in the US car market.

Recall that the Porsche Taycan is the first electric car of the company and the main competitor of the Tesla Model S. It is equipped with an electric 800-volt architecture that delivers power that is twice as high as the return of conventional electric vehicles. It takes less than 23 minutes to charge a fully discharged battery up to 80% at a DC quick-charge station.

 “We believe that charging efficiency is important to our customers. It’s not just a matter of absolute range, ”said Mathias Kirchhessner, Sales and Labeling Director of the Taycan product line.

 Porsche knows that in order to gain leadership in the premium sedan segment, the Taycan must be faster than its main competitors. He set a lap record on the legendary Nurburgring circuit, breaking it in 7 minutes 42 seconds and proving his superiority over other four-door electric cars in the automotive market.

 Matthias Kirchgessner said that the audience of an electric car is usually younger and more technologically advanced than traditional buyers of brand cars, which has a rejuvenating effect on Porsche’s perception.

 The automaker has invested approximately € 700 million in its plant in Zuffenhausen, not far from Stuttgart, to increase Taycan production. Part of the money spent on an updated assembly line, which should replace the traditional conveyor belt with automatic vehicles.

Porsche Taycan should debut in the US car market in December, and in Europe in the first quarter of 2020. The cost of an electric car will start from 152 136 euros

At the same time, the first photos of the interior of the updated Porsche Panamera appeared on the Web. Sales will begin next year.