Porsche Taycan Exclusive image appeared on the network

Porsche Taycan Exclusive image appeared on the network

July 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche Company is preparing to introduce its first electric car Taycan (Mission E), and the network repeatedly appeared spy photos of the future novelty. But now we can see how the serial version can look in the exclusive version.

The first in the history of the German company electric car Porsche Taycan is preparing for the official debut, but for the time being the company keeps the design of the model in secret. The novelty can enter the market in 2019 as a 2020 model year car. Despite the fact that the public debut of the electric car will be in a few months, auto experts are already thinking about the future exclusive version.

Designer Aksenov Nikita introduced the new Taycan in an exclusive modification of Porsche Exclusive, complete with a new body color, unique details of carbon fiber and a new set of wheels. Its style is almost identical to the 911 Turbo S in a similar version – but there are some unique stylizations that should be noted.

First, this renderer is based on the Mission E concept, but it represents the model in the production body. The headlights are more pronounced, but shown basically unchanged. The front part is also revised, and received three grilles of air intakes, instead of one grille. There are also side mirrors, which we did not see in the original concept.

In the back, Taycan becomes more aggressive. The unique rear optics of the concept remained unchanged, but the car received a sporty spoiler, a more accurate diffuser under the bumper, and dual exhaust tips. But our editorial staff is still at a loss as to what the exhaust system is doing on an electric car.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer does not yet report any specifications, it could be assumed that, like the Porsche 911, Taycan in the version of Exclusive will get more power.

Official comments from the company’s representatives have not yet followed.