Porsche Taycan entered the Guinness Book of Records, having driven 42 kilometers in continuous drift

Porsche Taycan entered the Guinness Book of Records, having driven 42 kilometers in continuous drift

November 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The electric car covered the marathon distance in 55 minutes

Porsche has set the world record for the longest controlled drift in an electric vehicle. At the Porsche Experience Training Center at Hockenheimring, brand instructor Dennis Retter drove 210 laps in continuous drift in the rear-wheel drive Taycan electric car.

The race took place on a specially prepared race track. The 80-meter dyno was flooded with water, GPS and turn sensors were installed along the route, and a camera was placed on the roof of the center to record the entire race. To confirm the result, the official representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, as well as the two-time European drift champion Denise Ritzmann, were present at the German training center.

For the race, German specialists used a pre-production Porsche Taycan with one electric motor on the rear axle. The company does not provide technical characteristics of the electric car, but this model is equipped with a 408-horsepower electric motor and a 79.2 kilowatt-hour battery in the basic configuration, and an electric motor with a capacity of 476 horsepower is available as an option, which works together with a battery of 93. 4 kilowatt-hours.

The pilot of the electric car was an experienced drifter Dennis Retter. The driver managed to drive 210 laps in a continuous controlled drift. In total, the athlete covered 42,171 meters in 55 minutes of movement. The average speed of the Porsche Taycan was 46 kilometers per hour. According to the pilot, before the start of the race, he deliberately turned off all stabilization systems and adjusted the suspension and steering. As a result, the athlete was able to fully control the electric car throughout the trip.

In early November, the electric ice cream van nicknamed “Mr. Nippy”, which appeared on Top Gear, hit the Guinness Book of Records. The car was able to accelerate on the track to 128.82 kilometers per hour (80.043 mph).