Porsche Taycan electric car completely declassified in spy photos

Porsche Taycan electric car completely declassified in spy photos

May 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Already in September, the company will begin mass production of its first electric vehicle. But the road tests continue, and engineers carry out the final adjustment and fine-tuning of the model.

New spy photos of the electric Porsche Taycan have appeared on the Web. Judging by the images, the model is fully ready to enter the market. Moreover, the photographs clearly show the LED optics in the headlight style of the Mission E Concept concept. Taycan, like most electric cars, has completely lost its grille, and only two air intakes remain on the bumper, apparently for cooling the brakes and the battery.

If you look at the model from the side, you can see handles integrated into the doors, merging with the body. This is also a tribute to modern fashion, as it is still unknown in practice. But the most interesting part is the feed. Here the terrible edging of the taillights is striking. Apparently, it was decided to leave part of the camouflage, or the prototype had not yet received serial optics.

As mentioned above, the mass production of the Porsche Taycan is scheduled for September 2019, and for the first year it is planned to release 20,000 copies.