Porsche Taycan burned out in the garage

Porsche Taycan burned out in the garage

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche confirmed that the Taycan electric car exploded in the garage of a private home in Florida on Sunday February 16th. The fire that followed destroyed the car — only the steel skeleton remained of it — and also damaged the structure.

The first Porsche Taycan blast report appeared on Twitter at Tesla Taxi America, but was later deleted. Then the video from the scene of the fire was published by the YouTube channel Tesla in Canada. It was used on social networks to find out that it was Taikan that was destroyed, since the car has characteristic aerodynamic wheels and double slots in the rear pillar of the body. Information about the fire was also confirmed in Porsche, specifying that an investigation had already begun and the details of the incident would be known only after its completion.

Electric car explosions happen regularly. In April 2019, a video appeared on the Chinese Waibo network from a Tesla Model S parking lot that spontaneously caught fire. It shows how smoke first comes out from under the car, then the liftback explodes and starts to burn. Tesla conducted an investigation and found out that the defective battery module was the cause of the machine’s spontaneous combustion.

And although Tesla is confident that the likelihood of spontaneous combustion of battery cars is 10 times lower than that of analogues with gasoline engines, in February last year, a person died in the Tesla Model S that was ignited after the accident. The incident occurred in Miami. It was not possible to extinguish the fire for a long time, and the locked doors, which were supposed to open after the impact, did not allow the driver to be released.