Porsche taught how to insert caps correctly

Porsche taught how to insert caps correctly

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche hub caps must be positioned in a certain way

Porsche perfectionists have developed guidelines for how the hub cap should be located on the wheels.

It turns out that Porsche has a corporate guideline that regulates the only correct position of the hub cap. As you know, it depicts a company coat of arms, which must certainly be directed with its lower part strictly on the tire nipple and at the same time on one of the fixing nuts. This rule applies to global premieres, and models in the press parks, and even cars that have been visited by an authorized dealer of the brand.

It turned out in a rather funny way. For the presentation of the Taycan model, the correspondent of the American edition of Jalopnik took and turned the hub cap on one of the wheels so that the emblem was located vertically. However, a representative of the brand immediately approached him and turned the cap back, at the same time explaining to the journalist that this should not be done: the tip of the coat of arms of the brand should “look” at the nut, if it is not hidden under the cap, and at the nipple, forming a straight line.