Porsche talked about the electric Taycan rear-wheel drive sedan

Porsche talked about the electric Taycan rear-wheel drive sedan

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German brand is considering creating an electric Taycan sedan with a drive only to the rear axle. This version of the new items may receive a lower price. The debut is scheduled for 2021.

The German electric Porsche Taycan sedan may soon be available in a new version – the novelty should only receive rear-wheel drive and a less capacious battery. The novelty will be positioned as the basic version of the sedan and, accordingly, will be cheaper than everyone else.

 “There will be a version of our electric rear-wheel drive sedan and a smaller battery to make the car more affordable,” said Dr. Michael Steiner, head of Porsche’s research and development department, in an interview.

 The Taycan with rear-wheel drive is expected to appear in 2021. Although, according to Dr. Steiner, a model with rear-wheel drive may be available “not everywhere.”

According to rumors, this version of the electric car will receive a starting price tag below $ 100,000. Currently, the Porsche Taycan in the version 4S of the 2020 model year costs $ 105,150, and the company would like to introduce a more affordable version of the machine to maximize the interest of potential buyers.

 Dr. Steiner points out that the Taycan with rear-wheel drive will get the smallest battery. The smallest power supply currently available is a 79.2 kilowatt * hour lithium-ion battery, which is offered in the basic 4S version.

 In addition to preparing the new base version of its sedan, Porsche is also working on the creation of the Taycan Cross Turismo station wagon. A model with a long roof should debut before the end of the year, but it is not clear when deliveries will begin.