Porsche Speedster presented without a windshield

Porsche Speedster presented without a windshield

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As is well known to those who are familiar with the upper layers of the fast-growing market, there is a new niche that attracts more and more car manufacturers, in which cars lack a roof and a windshield.

Not that Ferrari invented the bike with Monza SP1 and SP2, but Maranello definitely helped the concept catch on. McLaren has already announced its intentions to create its speedster, as a competitor to the Ferrari Monza Rival. Even Porsche has joined the game, although not yet commercially.

This refers to the Bergspyder concept, based on the 2018 Boxster, which we met in June, despite the idea that appeared in 2015. Despite the fact that the 1968 Bergspider was 400 kg heavier and was intended for mountain adventures, it, as a new century machine does, rivets its eyes to the screens.

At the moment, Porsche refers to the difficulties with registration in some markets as the reason why the new product is not offered to the public. But what if things go uphill, and the Ferrari Monza SP1 / SP2 and McLaren Speedster will have a real competitor?

So far, the rendering presented to us demonstrates how the speedster performed by the German brand might look like. It all started with the usual sketch created by designer Gilney Hoffmann Borges, while the Spdesignest label added colors and shadows that brought the two-dimensional image closer to real life.

    And although Porsche has not announced its intentions to create such a car, some eccentric fan may already be preparing such an assembly, although not necessarily the starting point for this should be the Taycan pictured here.