Porsche shows models that never went into production

Porsche shows models that never went into production

November 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German brand decided to show those of its models that, for one reason or another, never went into mass production. A couple of hours ago, a teaser for a sports car appeared on the manufacturer’s Facebook page.

Lately, the Porsche team has been very busy debuting the next generation of the 911 sports coupe, the Taycan electric car and countless special editions of their sports models and crossovers. Of course, Porsche has a shocking number of cars and combinations to offer, but not all of the company’s models that were invented by its engineers are available at Porsche dealerships these days.

To celebrate the design of these models, which has not been fully implemented, Porsche is releasing a series of teasers in which it talks and shows off the models that never made it into production.

Our first glance is a dark teaser image of an expressive sports car. Thanks to minimal editing – it was necessary to brighten the image, we can see even more details of the exterior of this unknown car.

From the front of the image to the back, we first see a tiny windshield reminiscent of the Porsche speedster. The description for this post on Facebook states that this car was specially built to celebrate the racing success of a 1950s Porsche. Thus, we may have nothing more than a modern interpretation of the Porsche 550 Spyder race car.

The body of the mysterious car is also very similar to the Porsche Spyder 550 thanks to the sculpted front and rear fenders, and the overall profile is very low and sleek. At the rear, there is an engine compartment air vent that looks exactly like the Porsche 911 of the current 992 generation, and even includes the same brake light. The underbody reminds us of a Porsche 935 with an overhang and an open body underneath that hides in shadow.