Porsche showed a documentary about the creation of the Porsche Taycan

Porsche showed a documentary about the creation of the Porsche Taycan

July 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The creation of the electric premium German sedan brand was shown in a documentary.

Porsche Taycan is not just any other Porsche. In fact, there has never been anything like this from Stuttgart. Of course, you know why – this is the first fully electric production car with the Porsche emblem with power up to 751 horsepower. You know how it looks and how fast it can go, but do you know how it is built?

This detailed video, recently published by WELT Documentary, talks about all the stages of creating the first electric car brand from Stuttgart. The film lasts about an hour, and besides exploring the Taycan production center in Zuffenhausen, it is full of exclusive information about Taycan, which is not enough for lovers of little things.

Did you know that the Taycan wiring harness contains nearly 35.5 kilometers of wire? Or did the Taycan pass 1,500 hours of wind tunnel testing? From the video you can find out many interesting points about the electric model.

You will also learn about the production site itself, which literally is a factory inside the factory at the large brand factory in Zuffenhausen. This is an extremely automated three-story building with many elevators, robots and about 300 employees.

Much of the Taycan body assembly is handled exclusively by robots, and people are not involved until the door is assembled. That is, the first assembly of doors before painting – then the doors are removed and assembled separately with glass and components designed to remain separate until the final Taycan assembly.

Speaking of assembly, you will not find the conveyor in this factory, at least in the traditional sense. Elevators, cranes and automated robots move components from place to place instead of a constantly moving assembly line.

The hull and chassis are built separately, eventually found at the end of the process, where they are combined into a fully automated process. From there, he proceeds to the final assembly, where people process everything from panels to LED lights and internal construction. The doors are finally installed for the last time and the car goes through final assembly and undergoes a comprehensive inspection for a thorough inspection.