Porsche representative explained the reason for the transition to the “turbo-four”

Porsche representative explained the reason for the transition to the “turbo-four”

June 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Frank-Steffen Walliser explained why the 718 family of sports cars lost several cylinders.

In 2016, the German automaker introduced the new generation of the Boxster roadster under the index 718. Together with the presentation of new products, it became known about its transition to the “turbo fours”. The car received a line of four-cylinder engines, represented by a 2.0-liter 300-horsepower unit and a 2.5-liter power of 350 hp. Such a choice of engines puzzled admirers of the brand, but representatives spoke about downsizing and the transition of the “turbo four”.

718 Project Leader Frank-Steffen Walliser, in an interview with WhichCar, said that in some markets customers were skeptical of the four-cylinder Porsche, which led to lower sales of the 718 family than planned. However, increased demand in the Chinese market fully covered all possible losses.

It is also worth noting that in China, the implementation of the coupe and roadsters of the 718 line is much higher than in any country. The transition to the “turbo-four” allowed the German company to gain access to the Chinese market, which is famous for huge taxes on the “big” engines. Last year, models of the 718 family with six-cylinder engines, which proved to be very popular in Europe, the USA and Australia, were presented to fans of the brand.