Porsche Panamera acquired the driver version of the GTS

Porsche Panamera acquired the driver version of the GTS

October 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Since Porsche abandoned atmospheric engines (they remained only on some versions of the 911 coupe), it has become more difficult for customers to explain the difference between the different versions of their models. For example, before the letters GTS indicated the most powerful atmospheric version of the Panamera, and it was clear to everyone what was going on: if you want more power, buy Turbo. And now all Turbo!

The capacities grew, the dynamics improved, and the model began to be split into some very small units. For example, the Panamera GTS with a 4.0 V8 engine (460 hp, 620 Nm) will take its place in the table of ranks between the 6-cylinder Panamera 4S (440 hp, 550 Nm) and the 8-cylinder Panamera Turbo (550 l with s, 770 Nm). The difference in the dynamics is small: acceleration to 100 km / h with the Sport Chrono package takes 4.2 s in the short liftback Panamera 4S, 4.1 s in the Panamera GTS with the same body, and 3.6 seconds in the Panamera Turbo. In this case, the engine of the GTS, in essence, is the same as that of the Turbo, but slightly deformed. The drive is only full, the gearbox is only an 8-speed PDK robot.

So that the GTS version was not perceived as “unfinished”, it was supplied with a number of original features and included some expensive options in the basic package. For example, the Sport Chrono package is lowered by 10 mm on the GTS (as an option, PASM adaptive shock absorbers with “special” settings are offered), sports exhaust, Sport Design package (black exterior trim elements, 20-inch wheels, alcantara inserts in the cabin). But for the thruster rear axle still have to pay extra …

The GTS version is also available for the Sport Turismo station wagon. In addition, for all Panamer, a color projection display is now offered, which allows the driver to receive operational information without taking his eyes off the road.

Historically, the letters GTS are assigned to Porsche road models that have some technical features of racing cars. For the coupe 911 this is partly true today, but the Panamera has never participated in any race, and therefore in this case the GTS is a typical marketing product exploiting the traditions of the past.

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