Porsche no longer hides the face of the new Macan

Porsche no longer hides the face of the new Macan

June 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It is expected that the maximum power of the German novelty will be within 434 horsepower. According to rumors, the presentation of the crossover will take place in the coming weeks or months.

A very green Macan was recently seen on public roads. At first glance at this car, you may have the thought that these photos depict the current version of a compact crossover – although it is not. With a closer look, you can see that this is really a restyled version of the Porsche Macan.

As with any other car of the German company Porsche, a small version of the Cayenne model will not receive any major changes in appearance – no, they certainly are, but are kept to a minimum.

A small change occurred with the front lights and tail lights – it’s noteworthy that they are hidden by a small amount of camouflage film. We want to draw your attention to the tips of the exhaust system – they are very similar to those that Porsche usually uses for its more powerful models with the name Turbo. So it is possible that this version is before us.

The rear bumper seems almost the same as the one that is installed in the current Macan, but still it can be changed on a fully commercial version of the crossover. In the front of the car we can see a modified bumper that got a wider bottom air intake hole and lost fog lights. As with all restyling versions of existing cars, the side profile of the crossover will remain unchanged.

Despite the fact that this time we are not allowed to look at the interior of the novelty, the previous “spy” photos of the crossover let us know that the new Porsche Macan will receive a huge display of the infotainment system and another arrangement of controls at the center console.

It is also known that the current 3.6-liter engine will be replaced with a 2.9-liter analog. At the same time, the engine power will increase by 40 hp and will now amount to 434 hp.

German brand in honor of the 70th anniversary of its first sports car presented a conceptual model Porsche 911 Speedster. This sports car features abundant use of carbon fiber, as well as a six-cylinder inline engine for 500 hp.