Porsche named the best qualities of the hybrid Evo 919

Porsche named the best qualities of the hybrid Evo 919

January 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There is no doubt that engineers from the German Porsche brand are the most experienced in creating hybrid powertrains. A recently published video highlights the best features of the 919 Hybrid Evo.

A recently published video is part of the stories of engineers of the German brand about the best qualities of their cars. This time, on the official YouTube channel of the brand, a video was published showing the powerful hybrid hypercar 919 Hybrid Evo, which, according to the guys, is “the fastest racing car on the planet”. This is an incredibly fast car that moves faster than a Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 racing car.

The average speed of the German hypercar was 245.61 km / h, and the maximum speed reached 359 km / h.


In a new video, Stephen Mitas, technical manager of the 919 Hybrid Evo project, talks in detail about the car. He made a list of the five main features of the model that make it “so special.”

 First, the suspension, which has several recycled components compared to the previous version 919. Next follow tires, followed by a complex hydraulic system. Everything from the power steering system to the active counter-resistance reduction system has been updated for the hybrid performance of the Evo.

 Speaking of aerodynamics, the Evo has many design changes that improve the overall aerodynamic characteristics of the car. These include the new front shape, the new side skirts and the larger rear diffuser.

 Of course, the most important thing in the 919 is its propulsion system. It combines a V4 engine with a power of about 720 horsepower and an electric motor on the front axle for another 440 hp.

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