Porsche Launches Next-Generation Macan Crossover Tests

Porsche Launches Next-Generation Macan Crossover Tests

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Some editions published a photo from the testing of the prototype of the new generation Porsche Macan crossover. An official presentation is expected next year.

The era of electric cars for the German Porsche began last summer when the brand introduced the all-electric Taycan sedan. Porsche plans to fully implement the electrification plan for its lineup. Part of this strategy will be the creation of an electric version of the popular Macan compact crossover. A similar performance model will be offered for the next generation of Macan. This is a bold move for the automaker’s best-selling model, but it also shows how serious Porsche is in its efforts to introduce more electric-powered models.

 Foreign journalists were able to capture the early test prototype of the next-generation Macan. The car has the body of the current generation of the crossover with slight modifications.

 The rear bumper is slightly different, and the lower parts of the doors, like the air intakes of the front bumper, are completely covered with camouflage. Insiders say that this is the next-generation Macan test mule, adding that the car will be available for sale with both gasoline engines and fully electric ones. Macan had a gasoline engine in spy photos.

When the Macan EV arrives, it can offer up to 700 horsepower and have as many versions as the Taycan electric sedan. It is known that the electric crossover will be built on the platform Premium Platform Electric (PPE) from the German concern VW Group. It is expected that the crossover electric motor will be able to boast a torque of 1017 Nm, which will be directed to all four wheels – one electric motor for each axle.

 A gasoline-powered Porsche Macan is likely to be based on the same platform as the second-generation Audi Q5. The new Macan will appear in 2021 as a 2022 crossover model year. Macan EV production is scheduled to begin by the end of 2022.