Porsche launches 911 Turbo S to pair with aircraft

Porsche launches 911 Turbo S to pair with aircraft

November 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche and Embaer are collaborating on the Duet project, which combines the Phenom 300E jet with the 911 Turbo S.

Humanity is now facing many challenges. A global pandemic, political strife, unemployment, hunger, environmental disaster, war, extinction, uncontrolled wildfires, and Porsches that don’t match private jets.

To solve the latter problem, the two companies decided to pool their resources. We are talking about Embraer and Porsche, which jointly create 10 Phenom 300E and 911 Turbo S jets, which will be paired with them.

Embraer customers will no longer be forced to enter the runway and board the occasional Porsche that is a different color from their aircraft. The Porsche 911s that emerged from this project, dubbed the Duet, will match the plane, the plane will match the car, and both will match the included Porsche Design watch and other custom accessories. Even the pilot’s bag is part of this project.

The upper part of the vehicle is finished in platinum silver metallic and the lower part is painted in dark gray metallic. The car, like Embraer, is hand-painted, which is usually not the case with 911s. On the doorstep it said “Do not tread,” like a warning sign on the wing of an airplane. The 911 seats and aircraft seats have a logo embroidered with two wings, one representing lift and the other downforce. There are many other interesting elements too.

A total of 10 such pairs will be produced. That is why both the plane and the car have an icon with 10 parallelograms, five on each side of the wing logo. One of them will be colored blue, which indicates the build number in the series. The Porsche 911 Turbo S Duet is priced at $ 10.9 million.