Porsche is thinking about releasing the all-electric Cayenne

Porsche is thinking about releasing the all-electric Cayenne

March 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When Porsche introduced the first generation Cayenne in 2002, conservative experts thought it was a bad move for the company. However, 17 years later, the SUV is in the third generation, and Porsche shows as never before high sales.

Porsche was very insightful, anticipating the impending popularity of SUVs. And although with Porsche electric cars it turned out not so much astute, the company gradually rectifies the situation with the all-electric Taycan. Moreover, the next generation Macan will also be sold exclusively on electric.

However, Porsche’s ambitions may go beyond the two models, since the Cayenne will probably be the next car with all-electrics. The fact that the company is discussing this possibility, in an interview with AutoExpress, said one of the top managers of Porsche.

Most likely, if the solution is given the green light, the electric Cayenne will receive a separate platform, and will be sold in parallel with the regular version to serve markets where electric cars are not so popular and there is not enough infrastructure for them.