Porsche is not interested in electric hypercars

Porsche is not interested in electric hypercars

March 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German brand chief designer Michael Mauer said the corporation does not intend to produce an electric hypercar with a capacity of several thousand horsepower.

As the head of the design department told in an interview with Autocar, the brand does not plan to produce electric hypercars, which have recently appeared so often in auto news. The reason is curb weight, battery and aerodynamics.

 “It seems to me that with the current weight of the batteries it is very difficult to find a compromise between performance, handling and weight of the machine,” the designer said.

 “These hypercars are not only heavy, their design is largely dictated by aerodynamics, for this reason, in the end result, they look very similar,” says Mauer.
In this regard, the chief designer of the German brand emphasizes that instead of another faceless electric hypercar with a performance of a couple of thousand horsepower, it is much more interesting to make a light and compact car with a pronounced emphasis on handling and, probably, even with a hybrid power unit.