Porsche is considering a Panamera Coupe

Porsche is considering a Panamera Coupe

August 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rumors of a two-door version of the Panamera have been circulating on the internet for over a decade, considering we first learned of a potential coupe version back in April 2009.

However, it turned out that Porsche did not abandon the idea of ​​turning the Panamera into a three-door car at the expense of practicality, getting rid of the rear doors. Speaking to Australian reporters at a virtual conference this week to mark the debut of the Panamera facelift, the brand’s product line manager, Thomas Freemouth, had something to say about the 928’s spiritual successor.

“We have not yet finally decided. So we’re just discussing this topic for a few years now, as other competitors also have two-door cars. But we are not yet finally ready to decide whether to do it or not. We have a nice two-door car in our lineup called the 911. [But] We’re always looking for new opportunities to expand into new markets and attract more customers. “

The transformation of the Panamera into a Grand Tourer 2 + 2 would allow Porsche to compete with the next-generation BMW 8-Series and Mercedes SL. Obviously, it will be larger than the 911 and more comfort-oriented, offering more payload and legroom than the 911.

Given that Porsche has not approved the release of the new product, this suggests that even if the main bosses decide to develop a model, it will not appear in the next three years. Consequently, the Panamera Coupe will only appear on the next generation of the model, given that the current model has already entered the second phase of its life cycle.