Porsche invests in DSP Concepts for the “right” sound of its electric cars

Porsche invests in DSP Concepts for the “right” sound of its electric cars

February 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This company specializes in creating software for processing audio signals, and also has extensive experience in audio processing algorithms.

The German automaker Porsche decided to invest a large sum in the company DSP Concepts. It is about 14.5 million dollars. With new cash receipts, the total investment in the company exceeded $ 25 million. Recall that previously, BMW iVentures, Sony Innovation Fund corporate venture fund, MediaTek Ventures, etc., have already invested in a promising company from California.

 One of the main achievements of DSP Concepts is the modern audio development platform Audio Weaver. With its help, you can create your own algorithms for processing sounds of any complexity.

 For Porsche, the technology and expertise of DSP Concepts is an indispensable help in creating a special sound for the Taycan electric car. Traditional ICEs, which are placed on cars of the German brand, have their own unique and recognizable sound. It is precisely this feature that electric power plants are deprived of, since “green” cars are almost silent. Porsche is going to fix it with a special sound concept created specifically for Taycan. With it, the electric car will try on the proprietary Porsche sound.