Porsche hints at the retro style for the new hypercar

Porsche hints at the retro style for the new hypercar

April 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is expected that the successor of the most powerful hybrid model 918 Spyder will be introduced in 2025. So far, there is no exact data on whether the new product will use a hybrid power plant or will become a fully electric hypercar.

After recent hints on past racing models of the Porsche brand, such as the 935 and 917, apparently the guys from Porsche are seriously considering the possibility of switching to the same “retro route” for a completely new hypercar. In an interview with Autocar reporters, Michael Mauer, responsible for the design of the German automaker, shared some preliminary details about the appearance of the direct successor to the Porsche 918 Spyder.

He explained that there are two possible ways to create an exterior – a hypercar will get either a futuristic appearance or a retro design reminiscent of the most famous Porsche models ever created.

The latest rumors suggest that the most powerful model of the German brand will be presented in the middle of the next decade.

Ospodin Mauer believes that an advanced model should point to the future, given its newest technologies, but at the same time it “will pay tribute to the past.” “There is always an opportunity to look into history, but sometimes you can also take the opportunity to create a story,” said the Porsche designer separately.

Regardless of the appearance, the new Porsche “crown jewel” is expected to be electrified. It remains to be seen whether the hypercar will be a hybrid in the same way as the 918 Spyder, or it will do without an internal combustion engine. The biggest problem at present is the lack of modern batteries for a high-performance machine, but this problem can be solved in the coming years with the use of solid-state batteries capable of serving about 1,000 kilometers between charges.