Porsche has stopped accepting orders for new cars

Porsche has stopped accepting orders for new cars

May 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche temporarily stopped accepting orders for the entire model range in Europe and increased the stock of cars in warehouses. The decision is connected with the preparation for the entry into force of a new cycle of measurements of emissions of harmful substances WLTP, Autocar reports.

According to the representative of Porsche, the increase in the number of standard models in the warehouse allows to minimize the negative effect of the transition to the WLTP cycle. However, those customers who want to get a car on an individual order, will have to wait until the release of the machines certified under the new regulations.

The WLTP cycle, or the “World Harmonized Test Cycle for Passenger Cars,” will replace the already obsolete NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), which was approved back in 1970. WLTP will take into account modern realities: the distance will increase, which must be passed to the test car, the number of dispersals will increase, but the stopping time will be shortened.

In the winter, information appeared that due to a lack of compliance with the new requirements, BMW prematurely stopped production of the “charged” M3 sedan. The model was to be equipped with a Otto particulate filter, but it turned out that this would have to reconsider the location of the exhaust path.

Also, the German manufacturer suspended the production of the sports modification of the 5-Series – ​​M550i – and refused to release the top version of the 7-Series M760Li xDrive with the V12 engine at the next model update.