Porsche has rebuilt the first model

Porsche has rebuilt the first model

May 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Engineers Porsche made a replica of the first car of the brand – roadster 356 “No. 1” model of 1948. The car was recreated from scratch in eight months, using archival photographs and technical drawings of the original model.

To accurately recreate the original roadster, Porsche Museum employees carried out a 3D scan of the existing car and compared it with the design sketches. The discrepancies in the original shape of the body were eliminated by studying the photographs and journal notes. The final step was the creation of a full-size copy of the machine from the foam.

However, even after this, the replica is slightly different from the original 356 “No. 1”: the latter has a more narrowed rear part of the body, expressive headlights and grille.

The body of the replica was made as well as 70 years ago – with the help of wooden tools. To recreate the original shade, samples of paint were taken from the bottom of the dashboard. In this case, the only thing that a replica can not do is travel. The car does not have an engine, and the rear axle is an ordinary pipe.

Previously, Jaguar “cloned” the legendary sports car XKSS. The specialists of the brand scanned four existing cars and completely recreated the look of the original model. The body was made by hand, and the rivets for it were made of the alloy described in the technical documentation of XKSS. Even the internal components of the machine correspond to the original specification.