Porsche has no plans to abandon naturally aspirated engines

Porsche has no plans to abandon naturally aspirated engines

August 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to Frank-Steffan Walliser, head of sports car division at Porsche, the company has no plans to abandon naturally aspirated engines. Most likely, these types of motors will be electrified to some extent in the near future.

Earlier this year, Porsche revealed its plans to electrify its lineup. These plans were associated with significant investments – approximately 10 billion euros. Porsche reckons that plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles will account for half of the brand’s sales by 2025, but the company wants to keep the naturally aspirated engine.

In a recent interview, Frank-Steffan Walliser, head of Porsche’s sports car division, said the automaker is “very interested” in further developing naturally aspirated engines.

Porsche seems ready to do what it needs to do, including hybridizing these engines. Wallizer said the naturally aspirated high-revving powerplant and the instantaneous torque of the electric motors “would be perfect for each other.” “This combination can create a unique driving experience that focuses primarily on Porsche’s performance expertise,” he added.

Porsche’s electrification efforts are just beginning. In July 2019, Porsche said it expects standard internal combustion engines to remain relevant for at least another ten years. However, this latest news could mean that the vast majority of these motors will be hybrid by the end of the decade.

It is likely that the adoption of electric vehicles will grow in the next decade, which is why Porsche is already planning its future all-electric models. Later this year, we should see the Taycan Cross Turismo electric station wagon. An all-electric version of the next-generation Macan crossover will also be shown.