Porsche has introduced the technology of blocking into cars

Porsche has introduced the technology of blocking into cars

February 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the near future, the software of cars is integrated with paid services with the help of a blocker, providing protection against hacking.

Porsche announced that it has begun testing applications based on blockade technology directly in cars. Tests take place in cooperation with the Berlin start-up XAIN.

The manufacturer from Zuffenhausen became the first company to introduce blockage into cars. Operations based on this technology are safe and can be processed much faster than before.

Blocking is a decentralized protocol for transferring data between business partners. It underlies crypto-currencies, among which the most popular are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each change in an operation is recorded in chronologically ordered blocks of data, making it transparent and protected from unauthorized access. The so-called cryptographic encryption allows you to document the block chain all the actions. Authorization access can be controlled by the owner of the car at any time.

“Using block to transfer data will speed up and secure the whole process. Our clients will receive in the future more confidence in the security of transactions related to payment for parking, transfer of the car to third parties, for example, parcel delivery agents, temporary access to a vehicle (carsharing). We are introducing innovative technology for the benefit of customers, “said Oliver Döhring, Director of Financial Strategic Planning at Porsche.

In the company on the basis of the blockade, such applications as locking and unlocking access to the car through the application, permissions for temporary access and other new business models, including for the functions of autonomous driving and paid charging of electric vehicles have been created and are already being tested.

Previously, Porsche introduced an updated racing version of the 911 GT3 RS (991.2). Its world premiere will take place at the international automobile exhibition in Geneva. Also this year will be released a new generation sports coupe 911 (992).