Porsche has improved the racing 911 GT3 R

Porsche has improved the racing 911 GT3 R

May 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The racing division of Porsche Motorsport presented the updated coupe 911 GT3 R, intended for ring races in the GT3 class. The car received the modified aerodynamics, the engine forced from 500 to 550 forces and absolutely other forward suspension bracket.

Like most GT3 cars, the Porsche 911 GT3 R has many components from the production cars. The main thing is a six-cylinder opposition engine of four liters, almost unchanged from the 911 GT3 RS coupe.

But if in the previous version of the racing car of the 2015 model it developed about 500 horsepower and had phase shifters only at the inlet camshafts, then on the renewed motor the phases change both on the inlet and on the output, and the engine power increased to 550 hp.

At the same time, the growth in returns is not fundamental: according to the rules, during the procedure of “equalization of opportunities,” the power can still be limited. More importantly, the nature of the engine has become more convenient, its operating range has widened, fuel consumption has decreased – in hours of racing this is significant.

The most significant changes are in the design of the chassis. The suspension on the 911 GT3 R coupe of the previous model was repeated in the serial scheme: the McPherson strut in the front, the multi-link rear (the shock absorbers, springs and levers themselves were original, racing). But the new car got a completely new front suspension with two transverse levers: Porsche Motorsport engineers repeated the solution already used on the 911 RSR coupe for the senior GTE category. At the same time slightly increased the size of the front wheels.

The aerodynamics is also redesigned. The new model can be easily recognized by the holes behind the doors, which supply air to the engine, mirrors of a cunning shape, a different front bumper, a bonnet with a large vent without a bridge, and more “licked” holes in the wings above the front wheels. In addition, there was less wing: its width was reduced by 10 centimeters, to 1.9 meters.

Instead of one neck of the gas tank in the center of the bonnet there are two, on each side – so the mechanics will be more convenient to refuel the car.

Seriously changed the driver’s seat: for the sake of safety, the chair is now tightly screwed to the floor by six bolts, and the pedal assembly is regulated – floor, not suspended, as before. Instead of the usual round steering wheel now the carbon fiber “butterfly”, similar to the wheel for the car Formula 1.

Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R is built on the basis of the standard steel-aluminum body of model 991, supplemented with a welded safety cage and external panels made of CFRP (it has a roof, doors, wings, engine cover, bonnet and bumper).

The updated Porsche 911 GT3 R costs 459,000 euros excluding taxes (the price increased by 30,000 euros), and the first machines will not reach client teams before December 2018. This is the usual level of prices for vehicles of the GT3 class: for example, prices for the Audi R8 LMS start at 359,000 euros.

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