Porsche has implemented the intelligent configurator on its website

Porsche has implemented the intelligent configurator on its website

February 3, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Intelligent support in real time: Porsche is equipping its configurator with a new advisory function based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Thanks to the so-called “recommendation system”, each user receives individual suggestions for the choice of options during the configuration process. Artificial intelligence selects suitable options from billions of possible combinations in a split second. Moreover, each recommendation is unique and takes into account the needs of a particular client.

The “recommendation system” is based on millions of pieces of information from the configurator. To use them, more than 270 so-called neural networks focused on specific markets and models were trained. This uses special algorithms to create forecasting models. This allows, focusing on the client’s decisions, with high precision to select the most suitable options for him. On average, the accuracy of matching the proposed option to the interests of the client is more than 90 percent. And since the “recommendation system” itself improves on the basis of new data, then over time this indicator becomes even better.

“The use of artificial intelligence in the Porsche Configurator makes it easier for our customers to choose the options they want,” says Axel Berger, Project Manager for Advanced Analysis and Smart Data at Porsche. “With this technology, we provide a completely unique online contact with the selection of the most suitable equipment options – each client receives completely individual recommendations.” Porsche pays special attention to data protection and anonymity, ensuring the privacy of users at all times.

Customers in six countries can take advantage of this offer: Germany, China, USA, UK, Switzerland and Taiwan. This list will then be expanded. Access to the virtual consultation using the “recommendation system” is opened by clicking on the light bulb symbol at the bottom of the page. As part of its digitalization strategy, Porsche is using artificial intelligence to deliver maximum value to its customers and to extend the unique customer experience with products and brands to the online space as well.