Porsche has developed a system for tracking classic cars

Porsche has developed a system for tracking classic cars

December 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

With the help of the new program, the car owner can not only track the location of his Porsche, but also control the engine, set the speed and limit the zone of movement.

The German company Porsche presented a security complex called “Classic Vehicle Tracking”. New development of the brand allows you to control the movement of all its classic cars. For the system to work, every car must have access to satellite navigation, and also have special sensors and communication devices in its arsenal.

 Porsche owners can control the system using a special application, access to which is protected by a password.

 Thanks to this program, you can track the coordinates of the car (including its last route), register the boundaries of the allowed geofence, and also prohibit the restart of the motor or set certain speed limits. The developers took care of creating special modes with reduced security level. They are useful in cases when the machine is being repaired or transported. It is known that this system is already used by Porsche owners from some European countries.